Ormond AGM

2019 AGM Wrap-up


Let’s call it a wrap

Thank you for supporting your Committee this year. We have appreciated the quiet moments with you and the messages and comments encouraging us along through the year – they make the difference and make us feel we are part of something special here at Ormond. 


We have emphasised our club values at every turn and have done our best to live them along-side you all. We have focussed our efforts on developing all our players and coaches and providing them with support along the way and a clear pathway to follow. Knowing your kids are happy, improving themselves and feel they belong and want to come back means the world to us.

The Annual Report of the 2019 Committee can be found here 2019 OJFC Annual Report (PDF).  Below are some of the things we are pretty chuffed about – they wouldn’t happen without your support – Thank You!

- five finals teams and our first girls flag

- ran league renowned development and mentor programs

- implemented a new coach development program

- developed a closer cultural and operational relationship with the Seniors

- established a healthy food pilot and revamped our canteen

- established honour boards and a digital heritage section on our web

- secured a number of substantial grants for new works and FairGo

- secured whole of club-friendly change room facilities for 2020

- established perpetual shields promoting leadership and values

- revamped our social media and digital presence and marketing

- delivered a substantial surplus to fund new merchandise and other initiatives for 2020

We also know there are some things we can work on.

The club has vitality. It’s in a strong financial position, our competitiveness has substantially improved, we are respected and underpinned by lived values, and we are seen as and WE ARE a Community. 

I’m humbled to be elected your President again - I’ll introduce you to our 2020 Committee and some of our new key initiatives shortly.  

We’ll be inviting applications for 2020 Coaching positions next week. Stay tuned.

Go Monders!

Gavan Dwyer

President Ormond JFC

2019 OJFC Annual Report (PDF)




2019 AGM Announcement:

In accordance with Rules and Policies Ormond Junior Football Club, section 11,

please be advised that Ormond JFC will hold its Annual General Meeting as follows:

  • Date:    Wednesday 30th  October 2019.

  • Time :   7.00pm

  • Venue : EE Gunn Clubrooms - upstairs.


Confirm the minutes of the previous AGM and of any special general meeting held since then receive and consider:

  • the annual report of the Committee on the activities of the OJFC during the preceding financial year

  • the financial statements of the OJFC for the preceding financial year submitted by the Committee in accordance with Part 7 of the Act

  • elect the new committee members

  • confirm or vary the amount of the annual membership fee(s)

  • appoint the persons who will undertake the independent review of the financial statements of the OJFC consistent with section 96 of the Act prior to their submission to the next AGM


Appointment of 2020 Committee:

It's that time of year again when footy is over with but we ask for you to think about contributing to our club for next season! Please come along and get involved with the running of our club either at an executive level or on the general committee.

All members of current and past committees started with no experience except for a love of the game, the desire to assist their children to participate in football at OJFC and to support the local community. All committee positions of the club are on a voluntary basis. If you have ideas and suggestions on how the club can provide the best possible environment for junior football then now is time for you to step forward. 

It is the expectation that people nominating for general committee positions will take lead responsibility for one area of the running of the club, Refer to the PDF below for position roles and responsibilities.  

If you cannot attend but would like to have your say you can also appoint a proxy for the purposes of voting at the meeting, please email Siobhan Rehill, secretary@ormondjfc.com.au to ask about this process or refer to the Proxy Form PDF below. 


For all inquiries including agenda, proxy voting form and committee nomination form please contact OJFC Secretary Siobhan Rehill or refer to the documents below (click on each document to view).

Looking forward to many interested members attending and also new people joining the committee for a successful 2020 season.

Siobhan Rehill
OJFC Secretary

AGM Documents:

2019 AGM Notice (PDF)

2019 OJFC AGM Agenda (PDF)

2019 OJFC AGM Sample Proxy Form (PDF)

2019 OJFC AGM Committee Position Descriptions (PDF)

Football Operations Sub Committee Terms of Reference (PDF)

Functions Sub Committee Terms of Reference (PDF)

Girls Sub Committee Terms of Reference (PDF)

Life Membership Sub Committee Terms  (PDF)