Nominations close 23rd April 2019

Mark Adlington Award

Mark Adlington was a past President and committee member much loved and valued by the Ormond Junior Football Club.  His contributions to the club were many and significant and helped shape the spirit and direction of our organisation.  Through both conduct and example, Mark exemplified the best values of community spirit, in particular his dedication to the principles of Community, Family, Inclusiveness, Equality and Contribution.  This annual award honours his memory and the principles he believed in and worked so hard to foster and develop across our community and also makes reference to our clubs continuing commitment to our statement of purposes.

Life Membership

In accordance with the club rules: Life members of the OJFC may be selected from time to time by a majority of the Committee on the recommendation of a Life Member subcommittee. Life members do not have to pay the annual membership fee and have all the rights and privileges of a member under these Rules.

Life Membership Subcommittee

The Life Membership subcommittee is formed to provide independent advice and recommendations to the OJFC committee regard to:

Life Membership Nominations

Adlington Award Nominations

The Life Membership Subcommittee will be selected in accordance with club rules 8.16, and shall comprise of at least one committee member and at least 2 other members - a family member/members of the Adlington Family, Immediate and Past President and secretaries of the club; Volunteer Member Representative/s with an established long term history with the club.

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