historical timeline


St Anne’s Football Club was founded by Harold R Stevens, known as “Steve.” He remained club President for seventeen years.



The first team (Under 11), coached by Steve Stevens, played in the Bentleigh McKinnon Youth Centre Football League (BMYCL). Navy blue jumpers with white numbers were supplied by BMYCFL.



Under 11 team, coached by Steve Stevens, wins Premiership.



Club enters teams in Under 11 & 13’s.



Club enters teams in Under 11, 13 & 15’s, being the only three under age groups in the Competition.



Teams go on trip to Adelaide to play games hosted by Central Districts Football Association (CDFA). Boys wear blue reefer jackets with club logo badge.



Teams go to Mildura to play curtain raiser games before Sunraysia League’s semi-finals.


Andrew Chisholm & Steve Smith play in Little League game at MCG at half time in Grand Final between Melbourne & Carlton.



Teams go to Kyneton to play games.


Club changes its name to “Ormond Blues Football Club” at Annual General Meeting held in February, at St Anne’s Church hall.


Harold R Stevens is made life member.


Club introduces first “Letterhead”.


Fixture cards printed for first time.



Club changes its name to “Ormond Blues Football Club” at Annual General Meeting held in February, at St Anne’s Church hall.


Harold R Stevens is made life member.


Club introduces first “Letterhead”.


Fixture cards printed for first time.


Cyril Forward is made life member.



Teams go to Adelaide to play games hosted by CDFA.

John Beggs is made life member.



Club hosts teams from Adelaide.


Ken Scott is made life member.



Teams go to Adelaide again.


Tom Kaighin is made life member.



Former players Steve Smith & Andrew Chisholm are drafted by Melbourne Football Club.


May Forward are made life members.



Marita Dargavel is made life member.



Former players Steve Smith & Andrew Chisholm are drafted by Melbourne Football Club.


Margaret “Peg” Keane and  Robert “Bob” Moorhouse are made life members.



Teams go to play games hosted by Lavington Sports Club.


Under 13 team, coached by Dave Southam, wins Premiership.


Bruce Temany drafted by Richmond Football Club.


Club hosts teams from Lavington.



Teams go to Lavington again.


Brian Smith is made life member.


Michael Oaten drafted by South Melbourne Football Club.



Harold “Steve” Stevens is made club “Patron”.


President Keith Heggart introduces first printed “Annual Report”, setting a precedent for future committees.


Teams (43 boys and 7 officials) go to Tasmania to play games hosted by Claremont Junior FC.



Ron Barassi holds training at Bailey Reserve.


Cedric Keane and Glen Morcom are made life members.



Club celebrates its 25year anniversary.


At the AGM on 8th October, the club changes its name to “Ormond Blues Junior Football Club” and enters its first Affiliation Agreement with Ormond Amateur Football Club ( OAFC) whereby it administered teams from Under 15 down, and the OAFC administered teams from Under 16 through to seniors, starting in 1985.


Warrick Tinsley selected in Victorian School Boys U16 team.


Russell Dowling and Neil Starke are made life members.



Under 10 team introduced for first time.


Under 11 team, coached by Phil Kerford, wins Premiership, defeating Moorabbin United.


First girl, Marnie Sheehy, plays Under 11.


AGM is held at EE Gunn Reserve clubrooms for first time.



Club incorporates under Associations Incorporation Act 1981. Constitution allows it to team boys up to 15 years.


Junior Skills Clinic commenced at Ormond East Primary School, set up and controlled by Cedric Keane, Past President & Life Member.



Under 13 team, coached by Phil Perkin/Phil Kerford, wins Premiership, defeating Salesian College 15.14 (104) to 6.6 (42).


Club enters Under 14 team in Chelsea District Junior Football League (CDJFL), playing games on Sundays. Under 10,11,13 & 15 teams continue to play in BMYCFL on Saturdays.



Two Under 10’s, Under11 & 15’s play in BMYCFL on Saturdays, and Under 12 & 14 teams play on Sundays in newly formed Moorabbin Saints Junior Football League (MSJFL) which was a merger between St Kilda Junior Football League and CDJFL


John Rombotis selected in U12 Victorian State Team.


Under 15 team, coached by Phil Perkin wins Premiership, defeating Beaumaris.


Club enters six teams (U9 to U13, & U15) in MSJFL, all playing on Sundays.


BMYCFL ceases to run competition as all local clubs change to MSJFL.


Club runs canteen for first time.


Vickick program run by Cedric Keane.


Peter Montgomery, Martin Pearson and Phil Kerford are all made life members.



Club changes jumpers from Navy blue, to the same jumpers as OAFC.


U10 team, coached by Peter Cunliffe, wins lightning Premiership


Undefeated U13 team, coached by Peter Sparrow, wins Premiership, defeating East Brighton.


Phil Perkin coaches U14 MSJFL team.


Vickick clinic run by Shane Cody and Mike Wells relocated to EE Gunn Reserve.



Seven teams (Under 9 to 15).


U11 team, coached by Peter Cunliffe, wins Premiership, defeating Bayside.


Undefeated U14 team, coached by Phil Perkin, wins Premiership, defeating Ajax.


Luigi Pennacchia wins Competition U14 best & fairest.


Denise King, David Lough and Phil Perkin are all made life members.



Seven teams (U9 to U15)


Marty Warry makes U15 All Australian Team.


Elaine Lehner is made life member.



Rob Russell is made life member.


Ben Artz wins Under 15 competition best and fairest.


Geoff Sutton is made life member.


Major drainage works undertaken on main oval, thereby improving the playing surface.



Rick Martin commences publication of “Keep Spreading the News, We are Ormond Blues”


Paul Schleiger, Vice President, initiates the first Team Mangers manual, and Shane Cody initiates the first Coach’s manual.


Jarrod Putz wins Competition U15 west best & fairest.


Marty Warry and John Rombotis drafted by Fitzroy Football Club and Matthew Robbins drafted by Geelong Football Club.



Auskick program run by Peter Barnes transferred from Caulfield South Primary School to EE Gunn.



Rick Martins’ publication becomes “Ormond Blues News”.


Chris Strauch plays 100th game.


Marg Putz is made life member.



U15 west team, coached by Mike Johnstone, wins Premiership, defeating Ajax 11.11 (77) to 6.4 (40).  Andrew Clich plays 100th game in the final and is awarded best on ground.


Wayne Cove plays 100th game.


Liam Murphy is joint winner of MSJFL Under 15 west best and fairest.


U16 east team controlled by OAFC wins Premiership, defeating Hampton Rovers.


Lionel Littlejohn and Rick Martin are made life members.



At AGM on 1 October, the Club changes its name to “Ormond Junior Football Club”.


Club establishes joint website with OAFC.


Rudi Schleiger Chris Medcraft, Brendan Robbins and Sam Vipond all play 100th game.



8 teams - two U9’s & U10 to U15.


U10 team, coached by David Frost, wins lightning Premiership. Jesse Ploskins awarded best on ground in final.


Paul McGlashan, Glenn Jepson & Alex Wolkow all reached milestone of 100 games.


Club changes Constitution to allow Under 16 & 17 teams, which were previously run by OAFC.


Allan Jenes and Alan Naylor are made life members.



Nine teams (U9 to U16)


U14 team, coached by Richard Foote, wins Premiership.


Record 210 players, plus 100 Auskick participants.


Twin brothers Joel & Nathan Parianos both reach milestone of 100 games.



Ten teams (U9 to U17)


Rudi Schleiger becomes second player to reach 150 games.


Scott Jenes and Tomas Sabbatucci both play 100th game.


Auskick, run by Rod Jude has 150 participants.


Wayne Medcraft is made life member.


Club continues to grow with 12 teams, including two U17’s. 270 players & 180 participating in Auskick run by Greg Maclaren.


Tim Allen, Rory Cahalane, Dylan Elkman, David Hiscock, Andrew Martin, Matthew Hine, David Hyman, Luke Pincott, Caillin Austin and Jack O’Donnell all played 100th game.


Will Thursfield drafted by Richmond Football Club, and Simon Buckley drafted by Melbourne Football Club.



Thirteen teams, including three U9’s, two U10sS & two U11’s (304 players)


U10 North team, coached by Andrew Strooper, wins lightning Premiership.


U13 team, coached by Stuart Hannagan, wins Premiership.


Scott Pincus plays 100th game.



Fourteen teams, including four U9’s.


U11 south, coached by Garry McCambley, wins Premiership.


Michael Cahalane is made life member.


Anthony James wins MSJFL under 16 Div 2 best and fairest.


Sam Frost, his brother Jack Frost, Ben Biggs, Jesse Plotins, Dylan George, Christian Doggett & John Cooper all play 100th game.



Fifteen teams (three U9’s & 10’s, two U11’s & 12’s, 13’s to U17’s.


Club President Mark Adlington passes away in June.


U15 Div2 team, coached by Rod Strahan, wins Premiership.


Anthony James wins U16 div2 Competition best & fairest.


Sam Sabbatucci & Ryan McDonald both play 100th game.


Travis Hine plays 150th game.


Club founder Harold Roy Vincent Stevens, born 13 August 1915, passes away on 25 February, aged 92 years.



Club celebrates its 50th year Anniversary.


Sixteen teams. (500 players, including Fair Go & Auskickers)


U9 colts coached by Andrew Sherman wins lightning premiership, with Luke Fennessy best on ground.


 U9 west coached by Matthew Wood wins lightning premiership.


 U10 west coached by Tim Hille wins lightning premiership, with Jack Higgins best on ground.


U14 div3 coached by Michael Capicchiano.


U16 div1 coached by Ben Artz wins Premiership.


Tim Paine wins Competition U15 div2 best & fairest.


Greg Maclaren wins inaugural Mark Adlington Award.


Nicholas Houghton wins MSJFL Under 13 East best and fairest.


Max Gawn drafted by Melbourne Football Club.


Club adopts new logo.



Sixteen teams again, with 500 players.


Main oval at EE Gunn is redeveloped.


U11 east team, coached by Tim Hille, wins Premiership, defeating East Brighton.


Tom Shaler wins Competition U12 south best & fairest.


Robert Davis wins Competition U13 north best & fairest.



Fifteen teams.


U9 gold, coached by Evan Lucas, U10 west, coached by Scott Bradley and U10 south, coached by Rob Stewart all win lightning premierships.


U12, coached by Gary Cambley, wins Premiership.


Richard Main, Anthony Strahan, Nick Haughton, Nick Halsall, Sam Mason, Will Simon, & Jackson Strooper all play 100th game.



MSJFL renamed South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL)


Eighteen teams entered, including three U9’s, two U10’s,11’s,12’S,13’s, & 14’s ‘and one U15’s, U16’s & U17’s, and the first U12 girls’ team.


U9 north, coached by Greg Jackson, wins lightning Premiership.


U11 north, coached by Greg Paine, wins Premiership defeating East Brighton

4.8 (32) to 4.4.(28). Liston Diaz is awarded best on ground.



U15 Div3, coached by Michael Cove, win Premiership, defeating East Sandringham 9.12 (66) to 6.9 (45). Reece Behnke is awarded best on ground.


Michael Cove named SMJFL youth coach of the year.


Eighteen teams, including a girls team in conjunction with St Pauls JFC.


Club hosts MSJFL finals matches on main oval for first time.


Aaron Trisler wins SMJFL Under 14 Div 1 best and fairest.


Jack Frost is drafted by Collingwood Football Club and his brother Sam Frost is drafted by Greater Western Sydney Football Club.


Greg Scanlon is made life member.



Fifteen teams, and U13 girls and 170 Auskickers. 


New electronic scoreboard erected.


U9 navy, coached by Brendan Lade, and U10 west, coached by Jansen Domantay, both win lightning Premierships.


U14 Div2, coached by Jason Burt, wins Premiership defeating St Pauls McKinnon 10.10 (70) to 2.7 (19). Charlie Furphy awarded best on ground.


U14 Div5, coached by Jason Bodsworth, wins Premiership defeating East Malvern 8.5 (53) to 6.7 (43).  Chris Ciampoli awarded best on ground.


U17 Div2, coached by Michael Cove, wins Premiership defeating East Brighton

9.8 (62) to 8.7 (55). Reece Behnke awarded best on ground.


Club changes its Rules (Constitution).



Seventeen teams.


First female coach.


First female player to play 100 games.


U15 Div4 , coached by Jason Bodsworth wins Premiership, defeating Waverley Park 13.8 (86) to 3.4 (22).



Sixteen teams.


No 2 oval not in use due to Level crossing removal works.


Undefeated U13 Div3 team, coached by Gavan Dwyer wins Premiership, defeating Highett  5.7 (37) to 2.2 (14). Matthew Harms awarded best on ground and also wins SMJFL competition best and fairest.



Sixteen teams.


Oval no 2 still not in use.


Jack Higgins drafted by Richmond Football Club.



Fifteen teams.


U13 Mixed Div3 team, coached by Alan Evans wins Premiership, defeating Bentleigh 13.7 (85) to 3.2 (20). Tarkin Isaacs is awarded best on ground.


Tim Hille, Hans Harms, Fran Harms, Kerrie Rolfe, Alistair Gordon, Belinda Johnson, and Andrew O’Connor are all made life members.


Jo Harty, Jason Burt and Greg Maclaren are all made life members.