Ormond Junior Football Club, in partnership with A Path To Follow (a local mental well-being initiative) has commenced its second year of their Mentor Program.

This peer-to-peer mentoring program was born out of a desire to support the well-being of young people of all ages. The Mentor Program leverages off young players’ common passion for football to introduce the concept of mentoring (via coaching), building relationships within the club and community, and promoting kids’ health and well-being practices.


A mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser – something every young person needs, regardless of their age and stage. As part of the Mentor Program:

  • Junior Coaches (U12s and above) will learning the coaching role with the younger playing groups.

  • Mentors (Senior Coaches) will mentor the junior coaches, helping them to develop core skills in coaching, relationship building, leadership and problem solving.

  • Individual Mentor Program will be developed in 2019, with aim of providing one to one support for those young people in the community who are experiencing challenges in everyday life.

No Additional Cost:

There is no cost involved in participating in the Mentor Program, which includes training and support for junior coaches and mentors in their roles of coaching players in Junior Football, Auskick and Fair Go Footy. Support is provided by The Mentor Program Sub-committee, a working group of the Ormond JFC committee, lead by Kirstie Edwards (A Path To Follow Founder and Ormond JFC Child Safety Officer).

Members of the sub-committee:

Kirstie Edwards (Lead and Child Safety Officer at Ormond JFC)

Greg Maclaren (Ormond Transition Coordinator and 2018 Mentor)

Nick Maclaren (Ormond U13s coach and 2018 Junior Coach)

Ady Barda (U13 parent)

Lisa Laing (U12 parent)

Lyndon Loader (Vice-President)

Michael Whitney (Vice-President)

The benefits of peer-to-peer mentoring:

Mentoring offers a wealth of benefits to both mentors and mentees (Junior Coaches), and, in footy-mad Victoria, sport is a great vehicle for this.


Benefits for the Mentors and Junior Coaches include:

  • a greater feeling of connection to their team, club and community

  • improved empathy and conflict-resolution skills

  • increased confidence and organisational skills.


For all Junior Coaches, having an older mentor or role model who has ‘been there’ can help with:

  • improved social skills, sporting skills and coping mechanisms

  • increased confidence and self-esteem

  • behavioural problems (with mentees found to engage in less ‘risky’ behaviours)

  • a greater feeling of wellbeing.


To apply to become a Junior Coach please visit A Path To Follow's Application Page. To express an interest in becoming an individual mentor or to request an individual mentor for your child, please contact Kirstie mentor@ormondjfc.com.au or 0478 310 145


















The Mentor Program Story So Far:

The Mentor Program is off to a great start for 2019. We currently have Junior Coaches participating at U8s, U9s, U12 girls, U12 mixed, Auskick and FairGo Footy. 

We are still accepting applications for Junior Coaches to participate at U10s, U11s and U13s, Auskick and Fairgo footy.


To read about what we achieved in 2018, please see Evaluation Graphic and visit A Path To Follow's Evaluation Page.


To follow the Mentor Program Journey in 2019, follow us at  https://www.facebook.com/APathToFollow/